Lessons in Lemonade

Lessons in Lemonade is book three in the Starving for Southern series. The series is southern fiction that blends women’s fiction with contemporary romance.


Meg Dukette

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

I believe in living my best life and if surviving cancer taught me anything, it’s that. I wake every day in the most beautiful city in the south, I’m a chef at my own restaurant, and everything is exactly the way I want it—easy, calm, and in perfect harmony. That is, until my best friend shows up with his wounded heart, smoldering gaze and adorable dimples. Now, things are changing, we are changing, but with the promises I’ve made to myself, I don’t want them to. After everything I’ve been through, breaking them now seems unthinkable, but the alternative might be a lesson my heart’s not prepared to learn.

Jack Willett

Just when you think life is the best it’s ever been, fate has a way of intercepting. 

I’ve spent ten years playing in the NFL, and with one wrong hit my world comes crashing down. Now, I’m at the crossroads of what might become my past and a very different future. What I need is time and my best friend. Her gorgeous smiles, sexy legs, and optimistic outlook on life make the world brighter, better, and I’ve quickly found myself craving her more and more. She says we’re just friends, that’s all we’ll ever be, but actions speak louder than words. It’s time to change the game and I’m ready to pass the ball. I just hope she’ll be on the other end to catch it.

He’s her best friend. She’s quickly turned into something more. 

Will making a play for her heart be more bitter than sweet? Or, will it add just the right amount of zest to make the most delicious ending of all . . . 

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