This blog is for my readers.

Growing up in the south, food in our home was and is a big part of our culture. Many weekends were spent walking the aisles at the farmers market looking for the best produce, sitting with my mother shelling peas, or eating strawberry shortcake. My favorite meal was my mother’s chicken and dumplings, my aunt always made the best pound cake, and there was never a shortage of sweet tea.

Today, I continue to walk the aisles of different farmers markets, but I take my boys. Together we pick what we want for dinner, and we celebrate living in a place where there is an abundance of fresh produce and seafood. I hardly ever go anywhere empty handed (don’t you know, food is love) and my door is always open for visitors.

Most of these recipes are ones I’ve tweaked and retweaked over the years, but some are from friends and family, and others have found their way into my recipe book and I’m not sure where they originated. No matter how you found your way to Starving for Southern, I hope you’ll give the recipes a try and share them with someone you love.